About Us


Being born on a farm, and growing up in the Klein Karoo, with the ocean so near, but yet so far, the inquisitive farm child, was always fascinated with Marine life. The moment he came to the beautiful city of Cape Town, he completely fell in love with the ocean and all that lives within it.


After exploring different past times, he found his footing in the close-knit, local community of Marine-Hobbyists. He has been part of the Marine & Reef keeping community for 10 years, thus growing into quite the expert in this niche-market. He found that helping and educating emerging hobbyists, was a great part of his passion.


Sourcing and buying locally, what was needed to maintain a healthy thriving tank, can be challenging. The enterprising owner of REEFMAGIC (R) decided to solve this problem, by diving into breeding and providing a range of live cultures. His passion for the hobby, together with his extensive knowledge, resulted in the establishment of the company, REEFMAGIC (R).