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  • Brine Shrimp Hatchery


    This simple to use brine shrimp hatchery is ideal for the hobbyist, student, teacher, or aquarist who treats their fish to the occasional live treat.

    A particularly nice feature of the shallow, dish-like shape of the Hatchery is the naturally occurring separation of the newly hatched nauplii (baby brine shrimp) from shells and unhatched egg – resulting in a very clean harvest. No siphoning or net is required. This is truly a great product for hobbyists!

    No aeration or lights required!

    Please see product video here

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  • Copepod Hotel


    This copepod hotel is lightweight and strong. Measurements are 75x75x20mm. Ideal for sumps and refugiums. Creates the ideal place for copepods to grow and breed providing a supply of live food for finicky feeders.

    Simply place in your sump or refugium. The copepods will naturally hide in the hotel. As desired, move the pod hotel to the display tank and shake to release the pods!

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  • Frag Plug


    This 2 piece frag plug work very well for shipment of frags. The base can be glued onto the transport container, and top with frag can be clipped on when ready to transport.
    The plug also makes it easy to glue the frag onto existing auqascape, as the bottom part easily clips off.


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  • Frag Rack


    Elegant and low profile construction.
    Dimensions: 250mm x 70mm
    Space for 17 Frags

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  • Frozen Feeder


    Dimensions: 50mm x 50mm x 40mm

    Simply drop the frozen food into the feeder.

    Saves food from being caught in the filter or skimmer.

    When you feed your fish, the food usually floats on the water surface where it spreads and disperses, but any food that is not found or eaten immediately, will disappear into the overflow and filter where it will slowly decay and contaminate the water. With the Frozen Feeder the food delivery is controlled from the food chamber – underwater.

    The fish are already waiting and the food cant drift very far, everything is eaten and the water will stay cleaner for longer.
    Suitable for fresh and marine aquariums.
    Durable and easy to clean.

    Please see product video here

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  • Zooplankton sieves


    REEFMAGIC Zooplankton sieves are great for harvesting Rotifers, Copepods and Brine

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