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  • Phyto Feed



    • Based on Guillard’s F/2 formula
    • #1 Food source for your Phytoplankton
    • A complete balance of nutrients and trace minerals
    • Promotes the highest cell densities in your Phytoplankton culture
    • No Preservatives added
    • A 200ml bottle is enough to culture 400L of Phytoplankton
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  • Phytoplankton & Copepods Combo


    500ml Phytoplankton + 500ml Copepods

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  • Phytoplankton & Rotifers Combo


    500ml Phytoplankton + 500ml Rotifers

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  • Phytoplankton



    Live Phytoplankton is a beneficial micro algae found throughout the world’s oceans. Adding Phytoplankton to your marine aquarium will increase biodiversity. This Phytoplankton was specially picked with the intention of not only feeding your corals, copepods, clams, and other filter feeders but also to reduce unwanted algae growth.

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  • Copepods



    Copepods are great for seeding new tanks & refugiums, boosting existing populations, or feeding finicky fish & inverts such as Mandarins, Seahorses, Anthias, Wrasses, SPS, LPS & NPS Corals, and most other filter-feeding inverts. Our pods are 100% viable to reproduce in marine aquaria. We recommend using our high-quality REEFMAGIC Phytoplankton to establish & maintain the best copepod populations.

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  • Brine Shrimp



    Brine Shrimp are a favorite live feed for those who want to provide a nutritious and interesting addition to their animals’ diet. While most people feed copepods, brine shrimp are also a great option. They are just as useful as rotifers and copepods for food.

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  • Rotifers



    Rotifers are an excellent choice of live feeds for reef tank inhabitants including filter feeders and NPS corals. Ideal for culturing and general feeding for fry, fish, filter feeders, corals and other critters.

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